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Answer to  Most Frequent Questions

Q. Thought on the new way of cleaning? 

A.The new way of cleaning due to COVID -19 we are focus to clean and      disinfect to help protect the health and safety of our customer concerns      to; remove germs and contamination of frequently touch area and             surfaces.                                                                                                         Q. Do your service use disinfectant cleaner from the EPA List N

     or CDC recommendation?

 A.    Yes. Using EPA  recommended disinfectants are useable friendly

        and effective. Some customer prefer the service to use the customer 

        cleaning products and disinfectants.

QDo we have provide reputable insurance and maintain consistent         insurance coverage?

A. Yes. The insurance companies are A+ 


Q. What is the driving distance the service is willing to travel? 

A. Provides services up to 100 miles southbound of 787 interstate.


Q. Do your service honor the discount displayed on the                    

      the business website?

A. Yes.The discounts is honored to new customer.


Q. Are  the employees experienced, respectfully, and trustworthy?

A.Yes. The employees are experienced, trained, trustworthy and provided       updated cleaning techniques. We operate as Team Players !