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Vee's Cleaning Service Inc. is a service provider that recognizes and sympathizes with the business owner who may be faced with challenging times of the possibility of contamination at the workplace from the coronavirus (COVID-19). 
Vee's Cleaning Service Inc. provides quality cleaning clean, sanitize, and disinfecting low to high frequently touch point surfaces, serving small and medium-sized businesses.


Maintain the standards and procedures stated by the Center for Disease Control Prevention for COVID-19 cleaning; clean, sanitize,  disinfecting, provide Personal Protection Equipment, and implement a risk management plan. 


The service includes clean, sanitize, and disinfectant cleaner. The disinfectant cleaner is recommended, registered, and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency; responsive to effectively remove germs and contamination from the low and high frequently touch point surfaces.


Vee's Cleaning Service Inc. wants to assure you the workplace will be clean, sanitize, and disinfectant, to help keep a healthy, and safe workplace the employees, and the customer. 


  •  Fully Insured                   

  •  Reasonable Price               

  • Flexible Schedule


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