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        Janitorial Services


Vee's Cleaning Service Inc. is a service provider that provides professional-quality cleaning services for small and medium-sized businesses. We are focused to make cleanliness a top priority for the overall appearance of office or building. 

Vee's Cleaning Service Inc.recognize the workplace cleanliness is a priority for staff, employees, and customers to be germ-free.


The service provider provides the customer with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions effective to remove dirt and germs, disinfectant cleaner to reduce contamination from frequently "High TouchPoint" surfaces.    

Vee's Cleaning Service Inc. cleaner technicians are experienced and trained to meet customer cleaning needs.





                     Service provided to a variety of businesses 


Clinic/Medical Office                                                  Building Cleaning 

Dental Office                                                              Contract Cleaning

Medical  Office                                                           Construction Final Cleaning        Imaging and Radiology Center 

Urgent Care Center 


Lawyer Office                                                            Professional Building 

Fitness Center                                                            Government Office                          Daycare Center                                                         Virtual Office





                                                                                                                                                NEW CUSTOMERR FIRST CLEANING $10.00 Discount  !!!!                                                                                           






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