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What's New For The 2020 Cleaning Industry Trends

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Currently, twenty-two states in the United States participate in Green Cleaning practices and green cleaning solutions in K-12 schools, state agencies, and state-buildings. To improve the quality of cleaning and ensure a healthy and safe environment. (Source:

Independently owned commercial cleaning companies and Cleaning Service owners have adapt to participate in Green Cleaning Training and convert to organic , environmentally friendly or Eco -friendly cleaning solutions.

The cleaning industry forecast to grow by 10% by 2026. The predicted revenue for all revenues in commercial cleaner industry in the United States was forecast to increase to 65 billion in 2019.

The Cleaning industry employment average for the janitor and building cleaner is projected growth is 7 percent from 2018 to 2028, in administrative and support services, educational services, and healthcare. (Source: In the United States, Janitorial Service employment and revenue is $61 billion.

(Source: Freedonia Group)

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