Vee's Cleaning Service Inc. is a service provider that recognizes and sympathizes with the business owner who may be faced with challenging times of the possibility of contamination at the workplace from the coronavirus (COVID-19). 
Vee's Cleaning Service Inc. provides quality cleaning clean, sanitize, and disinfect low to high frequently touch point surfaces, service small and medium-sized businesses.


Maintain the standards and procedures stated by the Center for Disease Control Prevention for COVID-19 cleaning; clean, sanitize,  disinfecting, provide Personal Protection Equipment, and implement a risk management plan. 


The service includes clean, sanitize, and disinfectant cleaner. The disinfectant cleaner is recommended, registered, and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency; responsive to effectively remove germs and contamination low and high frequently touch point surfaces.


​Vee's Cleaning Service Inc. wants to assure you the business owner your workplace will be clean, sanitize, and disinfect to maintain a healthy, and safe workplace for you, employees, and the customer. 



  •  Insured                   

  •  Reasonable Price               

  • Flexible Scheduling